Cost and services.

Our studio offers a comprehensive solution: design project, repair, supply of materials and equipment, production of furniture for projects, author's support, communication with suppliers.


$100 Per Hour
  • 3d rendering
  • Complete set of construction drawings
  • Material specifications
  • Furniture and sanitary ware specifications
$150 per hour
+ project budget
+ estimate for construction work
+ drawings of furniture for production
+ professional decoration of the object
architectural supervision (we do not conduct projects without architectural supervision)
$800 per month

Control of the author of the design project over the implementation of the project


We will consult for free, tell you about the stages of cooperation and we can start working within 24 hours.


・Measurement plan
・Planning solution
・3D visualization of interiors
・Plan of dismantling of partitions
・Plan of installation of partitions
・Door opening plan with explication
・Flooring plan
・Plan of placement of heat-insulated floors
・Ceiling plan
・Plan of placement of fixtures
・Switch layout plan
・Layout plan for sockets, electrical outlets
・Plan of the location and bindings of plumbing
・Specification of finishing materials
・Fixture specification
・Furniture specification
・Wall sweeps in rooms

Set construction drawings.

An example design project.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with how the draft working documentation will look like.